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International Water Resources Research Institute

Director   Kwansue Jung

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On behalf of the director of International Water Resources Research Insti- tute (IWRRI), we would like to welcome you to our research institute. As we all know 'Water is Life'. Hence, we should manage it in a comprehen- sive way to secure water resources for the next generation while satisfy the need of present generation. Besides, these days we have faced several disasters related to water resources e.g. drought, flood, polluted water, etc. Even thought it is impossible to control or prevent these disasters totally, however, adopting or applying suitable 'Technology' for water

management is one of the most effective approaches to minimize the damage. Therefore, our institute aims to promote education, innovation, leading research, high technology, and public services provided by experts and researchers together with international partners from around the world. Our staffs are ready to create an innovative solution satisfying the needs of social and to support the provision of technological challenges of the future. We shape our world with effective policies, knowledge, and action in order to generate new enthusiasm of sustainable development.